YALDAH: A Magazine For Jewish Girls & By Jewish Girls

This was the official website from 2004-2009 for YALDAH magazine. The content below is from the site's archived pages.

Welcome to the YALDAH magazine website! YALDAH is a magazine "for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls!" ages 8-15. Please feel free to look around. Join our e-mail list, check out a sample page, read articles about YALDAH, sign our guestbook, check out our blog, enter a contest, look through photos from our Jewish Girls Retreats, subscribe, submit your work, and more!

Hi! My name is Leah (pronounced Layah) Larson and I'm 18 years old. I'm the editor and publisher of YALDAH magazine. I founded YALDAH when I was thirteen. People often ask me how I got the idea to create a magazine "for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls".  I have always loved reading, creative writing, art and photography.  I had been subscribing to American Girl and was a winner (twice) in their short story contest.  I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great to have a magazine geared for Jewish Girls?"  In November 2003, I started fooling around on the computer trying to create my own magazine cover. I used the sample name "Yaldah" which is Hebrew for girl. This got my creative juices flowing.  I mapped out the first issue and got to work! Well, that's the summarized story. If you want to hear the full story, check out the media page, where there are lots of articles about YALDAH and how I got started.

YALDAH is written, edited, and published by Jewish girls. YALDAH is published quarterly around September, December, March and June, and is dedicated to supplying Jewish girls with good quality, kosher, reading. YALDAH magazine celebrates Jewish girls and women, Jewish life and values, and creativity. YALDAH aims to connect Jewish girls and inspire them to embrace their Judaism with pride and become Jewish leaders of the future. YALDAH shows girls that using their talents and determination, they can make their dreams come true!



YALDAH was founded by thirteen-year-old Leah Larson. The first 150 copies sold out quickly as word spread. YALDAH was featured in Jewish newspapers, the Boston Globe, on local TV, and on the Radio.

Spring 2005

We formed our first Editorial Board of 13 Jewish girls from 4 states and even one girl from England.

Fall 2005

By our first anniversary we were printing four times as many copies as we started with. Each issue continued to sell out as more girls heard about YALDAH. An article about YALDAH in American Girl magazine brought in many new readers.

Winter 2005

YALDAH won an honorable mention in Microsoft's 'Start Something Amazing' Awards.

Spring 2006

After receiving close to a hundred applications, we announced our second Editorial Board of 26 girls from 16 different states and even Israel and Switzerland.

Summer 2006

We launched our agent program where girls could win prizes for giving out YALDAH flyers.

Winter 2006

Over 50 girls joined us in Silver Bay, NY for our first annual Jewish Girls Winter Weekend Retreat, co-sponsored by Bat Mitzvah Camp of the Capital District.

Spring 2007

Our third Editorial Board was chosen, headed by our new Editorial Board Coordinator, Talya Wasserman.

Summer 2007

We held our first three week Jewish Girls Summer Retreat in Troy, NY, adding a special YALDAH division to the Bat Mitzvah Camp Program.

Fall 2007

Leah Larson began attending Bais Chomesh High School in Toronto after homeschooling for two years, and delegated more jobs to young girls.

Winter 2007

YALDAH runs it's first photo contest. Our second annual Winter Weekend Retreat is held in Saratoga, NY.

Spring 2008

YALDAH launches it's first Torah art contest, judged by artist Sheva Chaya Shaiman.

Our fourth annual Editorial Board is chosen, under the leadership of the new Editorial Board Coordinator, Nechama Saltzman.

Summer 2008

Our second summer retreat in Troy, NY is a huge success. During the retreat our first sponsorship was announced. A well known Persian carpet cleaning nyc business agreed to fund a number of activities in exchange for a small presence in the magazine. Sunlight also provides their cleaning service for a discount to our staff and subscribers. If you reside in NYC, please patronize our sponsor.

YALDAH is a finalist in Wells Fargo's Someday Stories contest, winning $10,000.

YALDAH launches Project Pass it On - uniting Jewish girls with Mitzvos.

The writing of the three YALDAH books began.

Fall 2008

The voting for the winner of the Someday Stories contest began, and Jews worldwide united and spread the word to vote for YALDAH. YALDAH won with 28,880 votes - over 4000 votes ahead.

We launched the Real Reader advertising campaign, run by our new Marketing Managers, Rena and Tova Winick.

Our staff expands and staff training begins in preparation for Leah's next year in Israel.

Winter 2008

Leah accepted the $100,000 prize from Wells Fargo at the Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco.

We announced the 'How YALDAH impacted my life' contest.

Emily Gordis, training for Executive Editor, flies to Sharon, MA YALDAH 'headquarters' for editorial training.

Our third annual Winter Weekend Retreat was help in Albany, NY.

YALDAH became YALDAH Media, Inc.


Archived Articles



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28 Feb 2009    Girl Power

10 Jan 2009    Still Growing

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A JTA news brief on YALDAH winning $100,000

10 Dec 2008    Interview With Idea Cafe

An interview with the Business Owner's Idea Cafe

5 Dec 2008Girls magazine lands 11-year-old editor and $100,000

An article for the San Francisco Jewish News about Emily Gordis training for the position of executive editor and YALDAH winning $100,000

19 Nov 2008   YALDAH magazine wins $100,000

An article in the Jewish Press about YALDAH winning $100,000

3 Nov 2008Dream Girl

An article on Aish Hatorah's website about the power of children.

17 Oct 2008    Teen magazine publisher a finalist for $100G

An article in the Boston Herald business section about YALDAH being a finalist in the Wells Fargo Someday Stories contest.

28 Aug 2008   A Chance to Grow

An article in the Sharon Advocate about YALDAH winning $10,000 from Wells Fargo Bank!

16 May 2008   YALDAH Selected as Semi-Finalist for Business Grant

YALDAH was selected as a semi-finalist for IdeaCafe.com's $1000 Small Business Grant. This article was featured on many Jewish news websites.

11 May 2008   YALDAH Magazine Unveils First Torah Art Contest

7 Mar 2008     Next Step Magazine Super Teens 2008

Leah Larson was named one of Next Step Magazine's 2008 Super Teens

21 Jan 2007    A Young Girl's Dream

An article written by Leah Larson for www.thejewishwoman.org about her dream to create a magazine, and  how it became a reality.

1 Dec 2006What Is Your Daughter Reading These Days?

An article for Jewish Action reviewing the two magazines for Jewish girls, YALDAH and Shoshanim.

3 Oct 2006 The Book of Life: Past, Present & Future

An audio interview with Leah Larson on the Book of Life Podcast.

17 Sep 2006    Interview with Leah Larson

An interview with Leah Larson about publishing YALDAH for another girls website.

18 Aug 2006   Five Minute Focus on...LEAH LARSON

Short interview with Leah Larson for the London Jewish Tribune.

1 Jun 2006Another Editor Speaks: Leah Larson of YALDAH Magazine

An interview with Leah Larson as a profile on an editor, for writers who write for kids magazines.

7 Apr 2006Spotlight on Leah Larson

An interview with Leah Larson for a site promoting healthy girls.

21 Jan 2006    Radio Interview with Leah Larson

An Radio interview with Leah Larson for Bnai Brith's 'Studio J'. Listen to the audio or read the text transcript.

13 Jan 2006    Russian Interview with Leah Larson

An interview with Leah Larson for a Jewish Russian kids magazine.

1 Jan 2006 Kid Power: Leah Larson, Editor in Chief

A 'Kid Power' profile on Leah Larson for BabagaNewz Magazine.

1 Jan 2006 Video Interview with Leah Larson

A video interview with Leah Larson to go along with the Babaganewz magazine article.

10 Dec 2005    A Magazine for Jewish Girls, by Jewish Girls

An article written by Leah Larson for Nshei Chabad Newsletter on the process and experience of publishing a magazine.

10 Nov 2005  Microsoft Start Something Amazing Awards

Leah Larson won an honorable mention in Microsoft's Start Something Amazing Awards.

1 Nov 2005  Teen 'Zine Queen

An article Leah Larson wrote for New Moon Magazine about how she started YALDAH, encouraging girls to follow their dreams.

1 Oct 2005   Sharon girl publishes magazine

An article about YALDAH in a newspaper publshed by kids, the Walpole Gazette.

16 Sep 2005   Readers can't get enough of Yaldah

An article in Leah Larson's hometown newspaper, the Sharon Advocate, about YALDAH.

1 Sep 2005  American Girl Magazine

A letter from Leah Larson published in American Girl Magazine for their "True Story" feature.

1 Jun 2005   You Go, Girl! Where to Find the Basics on Babysitting and Fun Tzedaka Projects

A blurb written about YALDAH for Hadassah Magazine.

9 May 2005  Meet the 14-year-old Editor of Yaldah

A short article about YALDAH for JVibe.com, a website for Jewish teens.

3 Apr 2005  Radio Interview with Leah Larson

Leah Larson was interviewed on AWAKE, ALIVE & JEWISH on WFED AM1050 & federalnewsradio.com.

23 Mar 2005  Teenager Produces Magazine for Jewish Girls

An JTA focus story on YALDAH magazine, reprinted in Jewish newspapers all over the world.

5 Dec 2004   YALDAH on TV!

Screenshots from when Channel 7 (Boston) interviewed Leah Larson for it's Jewish Perspectives segment.

5 Dec 2004   Making a magazine of her own

An article about YALDAH shortly after the first issue came out, in the Boston Sunday Globe.

10 Sep 2004  This American girl is totally Yaldah

The debut article about YALDAH, when it was only in the late planning stages, for the Boston Jewish Advocate.