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This was the official website from 2004-2009 for YALDAH magazine.
The content below is from the site's archived pages.


Welcome to the YALDAH magazine website! YALDAH is a magazine "for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls!" ages 8-15. Please feel free to look around. Join our e-mail list, check out a sample page, read articles about YALDAH, sign our guestbook, check out our blog, enter a contest, look through photos from our Jewish Girls Retreats, subscribe, submit your work, and more!

Hi! My name is Leah (pronounced Layah) Larson and I'm 18 years old. I'm the editor and publisher of YALDAH magazine. I founded YALDAH when I was thirteen. People often ask me how I got the idea to create a magazine "for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls".  I have always loved reading, creative writing, art and photography.  I had been subscribing to American Girl and was a winner (twice) in their short story contest.  I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great to have a magazine geared for Jewish Girls?"  In November 2003, I started fooling around on the computer trying to create my own magazine cover. I used the sample name "Yaldah" which is Hebrew for girl. This got my creative juices flowing.  I mapped out the first issue and got to work! Well, that's the summarized story. If you want to hear the full story, check out the media page, where there are lots of articles about YALDAH and how I got started.

YALDAH is written, edited, and published by Jewish girls. YALDAH is published quarterly around September, December, March and June, and is dedicated to supplying Jewish girls with good quality, kosher, reading. YALDAH magazine celebrates Jewish girls and women, Jewish life and values, and creativity. YALDAH aims to connect Jewish girls and inspire them to embrace their Judaism with pride and become Jewish leaders of the future. YALDAH shows girls that using their talents and determination, they can make their dreams come true!


YALDAH was founded by thirteen-year-old Leah Larson. The first 150 copies sold out quickly as word spread. YALDAH was featured in Jewish newspapers, the Boston Globe, on local TV, and on the Radio.

Spring 2005

We formed our first Editorial Board of 13 Jewish girls from 4 states and even one girl from England.

Fall 2005

By our first anniversary we were printing four times as many copies as we started with. Each issue continued to sell out as more girls heard about YALDAH. An article about YALDAH in American Girl magazine brought in many new readers.

Winter 2005

YALDAH won an honorable mention in Microsoft's 'Start Something Amazing' Awards.

Spring 2006

After receiving close to a hundred applications, we announced our second Editorial Board of 26 girls from 16 different states and even Israel and Switzerland.

Summer 2006

We launched our agent program where girls could win prizes for giving out YALDAH flyers.

Winter 2006

Over 50 girls joined us in Silver Bay, NY for our first annual Jewish Girls Winter Weekend Retreat, co-sponsored by Bat Mitzvah Camp of the Capital District.

Spring 2007

Our third Editorial Board was chosen, headed by our new Editorial Board Coordinator, Talya Wasserman.

Summer 2007

We held our first three week Jewish Girls Summer Retreat in Troy, NY, adding a special YALDAH division to the Bat Mitzvah Camp Program.

Fall 2007

Leah Larson began attending Bais Chomesh High School in Toronto after homeschooling for two years, and delegated more jobs to young girls.

Winter 2007

YALDAH runs it's first photo contest. Our second annual Winter Weekend Retreat is held in Saratoga, NY.

Spring 2008

YALDAH launches it's first Torah art contest, judged by artist Sheva Chaya Shaiman.

Our fourth annual Editorial Board is chosen, under the leadership of the new Editorial Board Coordinator, Nechama Saltzman.

Summer 2008

Our second summer retreat in Troy, NY is a huge success. During the retreat our first sponsorship was announced. A well known Persian carpet cleaning nyc business agreed to fund a number of activities in exchange for a small presence in the magazine. Sunlight also provides their cleaning service for a discount to our staff and subscribers. If you reside in NYC, please patronize our sponsor.

YALDAH is a finalist in Wells Fargo's Someday Stories contest, winning $10,000.

YALDAH launches Project Pass it On - uniting Jewish girls with Mitzvos.

The writing of the three YALDAH books began.

Fall 2008

The voting for the winner of the Someday Stories contest began, and Jews worldwide united and spread the word to vote for YALDAH. YALDAH won with 28,880 votes - over 4000 votes ahead.

We launched the Real Reader advertising campaign, run by our new Marketing Managers, Rena and Tova Winick.

Our staff expands and staff training begins in preparation for Leah's next year in Israel.

Winter 2008

Leah accepted the $100,000 prize from Wells Fargo at the Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco.

We announced the 'How YALDAH impacted my life' contest.

Emily Gordis, training for Executive Editor, flies to Sharon, MA YALDAH 'headquarters' for editorial training.

Our third annual Winter Weekend Retreat was help in Albany, NY.

YALDAH became YALDAH Media, Inc.



 'The 'How YALDAH Impacted My Life' Contest is now closed. Winners will be notified by April 20, 2009, and will be announced in the Fall 2009 issue of YALDAH. Stay tuned for future contests!  

~Torah Art Contest

~YALDAH Photo Contest
Photo Contest!

For all you budding photographers, it’s time to get creative! 
Send in photos of anyone, anything, anywhere...as long as it has a YALDAH magazine in it! We’re looking for creativity! Please remember that girls should be dressed modestly in photos, and that the entrant must take the photo. The contest is open to Jewish girls. 
One 1st place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to www.belowtheknee.com!
Five 2nd place winners will receive stationery sets from www.frumfun.com!

All winners will be published in the Winter 2007-08 issue of YALDAH (#14). 

By e-mail: Attach your digital photo in an e-mail to yaldah@comcast.net. Write “photo contest” in the subject, and in the body of the e-mail make sure to include your full name, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, and a title or caption for the photo if it has one. 

By mail: Send your photos to Photo Contest, C/O YALDAH Magazine, P.O. Box 215, Sharon, MA 02067. On a separate piece of paper include your full name, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, and a title or caption for the photo if it has one. Please write your name and phone number on the back of the photo. Sorry, we can’t return your photos!

Entries must be received by September 3rd, 2007.


~Essay & Poetry Contest: What would it be like to wake up and Moshiach is here?

Content Essay Winners


What would it be like to wake up and Moshiach is here? 
by Rivka Rumshiskaya, age 13 from MA
Yet another dreary morning, I thought as I turned towards the wall. I don’t want to go to school today. I turned again, and saw that it was already 8:30! I had missed the bus to school...again! My parents would kill me when they found out! The sun was streaming through the blinds and I decided to make the best of my free day. As I was getting out of my bed, I realized that this was not my room, and the sun never rose so early in my boring town of Toronto. No! This can’t be! Quickly, I put on a shirt and a skirt, not caring about whether or not they matched and tied my hair into a sloppy ponytail. I ran out of my room nearly tripping for there were steps here that led outside! 
     I was skeptical, but I had to enjoy this! The air smelled delicious like that of a bright spring morning. There were birds in the trees and their melodious song filled the air. It seemed like all of nature was working for one purpose and I had to work for it too. I ran across the grass feeling as light as wind and as fluttery as a butterfly. But wait, there was my sister. She was sucking on a honeycomb. There were goats and sheep walking freely on the grass and she looked as calm as the sky. 
     “Where are we? What are you doing?” I screamed bewildered. 
     “We’re in Israel,” she answered “they’re waiting for you,” she said, pointing to a group of people I hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly I noticed a long table with many kids all learning Torah. And under all the trees stood round tables with a pitcher of milk, a bowl of honey, a pitcher of water with a branch in it, and something that looked like bread. As I walked towards it, I noticed many more people some of whom I thought I knew. Well, I thought, if they need me then I’m coming but why would anyone need me? I don’t have any special talents and I don’t know anything. 
     I walked towards the group and saw my parents there. “Finally you are here Maya!” they exclaimed in unison “where have you been?” But just as I started to answer my Abba waved his hand at me and said “it doesn’t matter now. Go and help them, they need you.” I didn’t know why everyone seemed to tell me that those people needed me but my Ima’s reassuring smile encouraged me and I went. With every step I took, a golden light shone on me. Everybody was carrying blocks of stone or sewing curtains or other sorts of work.      It suddenly dawned on me that they were building the Bayit Hashlishi! I wanted to be part of it but I felt out of place. Everybody was so confident in what they were doing that I felt I didn’t belong here. 
     I stood wondering about this, when someone tapped my shoulder. There was no one there when I turned around, but I felt someone pushing me towards the tables with the food. That same force pushed me to eat it. The honey was sweeter than any amount of sugar I had ever sucked on. The milk was tender and soft and had a sweet taste to it. This is heaven, I thought, or as some people would have said before, Olam Haba. But now it wasn’t Olam Haba, it was here! 
     I took a piece of the bread which melted in my mouth. Then I remembered about the water of Miriam and what I had learned way back in fifth grade... what I was eating was Manna! And the water with the branch was the water of Miriam! I savored this piece of Manna afraid that this was a dream and if I let go it would disappear. I was too full to eat more and was standing looking at the beautiful scenery. The trees all bloomed with flowers and I was absorbed in the wonderfulness of it. I was pulled out of my reverie when someone tapped my shoulder. Again, some mysterious force pushed me, but this time I knew what to do. I bet you it was Eliyahu Hanavi guiding me. 
     I ran to the building site and started carrying bricks. They weren’t heavy and I felt like they carried me. Each one was laid down carefully over the previous one. After doing this a couple of times, I once again felt the force of Eliyahu Hanavi guiding me towards a group of women. They were sewing beautiful pictures onto curtains and rugs. They motioned me to help and I gladly sat down at this task. So I went on from task to task, soaking in the light of Mitzvos and Torah. At one point, I chanced to see an old man. He was sitting at the table with rows of kids studying Torah, and rays of light shined from him. 
     If I had been running, they would have said I had the ‘runners high’; well, I had the ‘Mitzvos high’. I just kept going and going. When the Beit Hamikdash was built everyone danced together. Jews of all different views united into one whole; and I was part of it, the Jewish nation.
What would it be like to wake up and Moshiach is here? 
by Mushki Freedman, age 12 from OH
“I believe with complete faith the in the coming of Moshiach, though he may tarry, nonetheless I await him every day, that he will come.”
(13 Principles of Faith)

     I woke up terrified from that noise, it got me thinking of what it was. “Its the Shofar,” I said half sleeping, “or at least it sounds like it. But now, in the middle of the night? I thought I hear the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah, not now!? It must be a dream,” I yawned and went back to sleep. But I could not fall asleep, something excited was in me, I don’t know what!
     Tu, Tu, Tu! A shofar!  This time I knew it was real, my dream was coming true! MOSHIACH IS HERE! I can’t  believe it! I quickly wake up. No going back to sleep! My heart is pounding, my head spinning, my hands shaking, my feet trembling, my eyes round like big round balloon balls, and my mouth open wide. I say Modeh Ani and want to wash my hands. Better watch out or else I will spill my netilat yadaim before I even use it! I calm down and wash my hands...but than my feeling all comes back to me and I run like crazy to everyone’s room to see if they’re up! Yup, sure they’re up. I hear them whispering loudly and excitedly but I can’t see them. I guess they are also running around like crazy to everyone’s room...or maybe my eyes just can’t see them out of excitement!
I guess my heart was pounding TOO loud cause my father asked me how I was feeling. He didn’t wait for an answer; I think because my body gave away the answer. Better watch out or else I will give away all my secretes, so I sit down on my bed and calm my self down, (but not all the way, I am still so excited!)
     I found my nicest clothing to wear for today, after all for us it’s a holiday! While I get dressed I wonder what got me up so early this morning, since I can never wake up early, especially at this hour. But my mind keeps on changing subjects. Now it’s thinking far away...When, where, will  the Beis Hamikdash appear?  I already want to see Grandma and Grandpa! In my suitcase I will pack the picture of Grandpa to show him how much I missed him, and the necklace Grandma gave me to show her that I still have it! I want to see Avos and Imahos, Moshe Rabbeinu, David and Shlomo Hamelech, and so many people...  
     “Hurry!” I heard my mother, “There is so much to be done,” So as I was hurrying, my mind still wandered around, I was thinking of if it’s really true that Moshiach came. What will I put in my suitcase? My scrapbook about the Imahos to show them how much we studied about them, and how we admire them. My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. My mother went to get it. She came to my room and said to me, “Guess what?”
     “What?” I asked.
     “If you get ready quickly I will tell you!”
     Soon I was ready doing everything quickly. There was just one thing I did slow, praying! I prayed, concentrating. My thoughts did not wander this time. How come?
     I went to the kitchen. I knew this would be family time, because everyone was there! My mother said,
     “Our cousin from Australia called and she wanted to know if we heard the shofar,” my mother said. 
     Mother sighed deeply and tears started running down her cheeks. She gave us a big kiss and hug! We were about to go out to our Hebrew school, when my father looked at Mendy, my brother. 
     “Where are your glasses?” he asked.
     “My glasses?” asked Mendy puzzled, “I have them on!”
     “Go check the mirror,” I told him half laughing. So he did, and he was surprised. 
     “I don’t have glasses? That’s funny...” he said.
     “We have a few minutes until you will go to school,” my father said, “so I will explain this interesting sight! I will tell you Moshiach’s secret although surely you speak about it in school! You know, now that Moshiach is here, everything will change! There will not be any bad inclination a Yetzer Hara, only the good one, Yetzer Tov who will always help you in your learning and helping, (no wonder why I davened only thinking the right thoughts!)  You will do everything quickly...and also Hashem will make everyone’s sickness cured! Which now means that you wont need doctors now, go kids to school to learn the holy Torah and see what else we could learn from the times of MOSHIACH!!

Now I think, I wish Moshiach is already here, when I will really hear that Shofar blowing, waking me up in the early morning. Then I will see my true reaction!

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What would it be like to wake up and Moshiach is here?
Malka Cohen, age 8, OH

     If I would wake up and Moshiach was here, I would be very happy. Do you know why? It’s because he is here to save us from the painful Golus and bring us to the Geula.
     When Moshiach is here, all the sick people will get better. Also, the world would become more beautiful and everyone is very happy.
     After a while I would think very hard about Moshiach. I would ask myself, “Is it really true? Is Moshiach really here?” Then I would answer myself by saying, ”Yes, yes! He is really here!” I think my parents would do the same. Then we would say together, “Moshiach is here!”
     We would all dance together with the Rebbe and all the other Rabbeim for the whole entire day, and people would join in until we would have a huge circle.

* * * * * * 

What would it be like to wake up and Moshiach is here?
Dina Yanofsky, age 12, NY

     I woke up one morning, there was something different. I just felt it in the air. I got dressed and said goodbye to my family. I got to school and we started davening. The day dragged on. It was nice and quiet in my classroom. And then suddenly, I  heard this loud blasting sound of a shofar! I got so scared I jumped. It was a sound so loud that I just couldn't take it; I passed out, and all of a sudden, I became alive again. What was happening? Am i dreaming? An eagle the size of the empire state building swooped down, i was shaking. It could probaly swallow me whole. Everybody was going on top of it, so I did too. Everyone that I knew was on it. I found my parents, and I realized that I was not dreaming, Moshiach was here! I saw billions of people. the missing shevatim, the people who did not even know they were Jewish, everyone was there. The eagle took off, and before I knew it we were flying over the Atlantic Ocean. I couldn't believe it, I was speechless. It was the coolest thing. We arrived in Israel and you would never believe who i saw. My grandfather was waiting for me, he passed away 10 years ago, and he was alive again. 
     "I cannot believe how big you got," he said. My father was shocked, my mother was speechless. And then everyone got quiet and stood up because Moshe was coming and it was like a dream, it was amazing. Then there it was, the Bais Hamikdash. It looked like a palace in a fairy tale. It was gorgeous, sparkling with silver and gold. Hashem punished Hitler and all the other reshuim, and we really did live happily ever after.

* * * * * *

What would it be like to wake up and Moshiach is here?
Chana Leibe Goldberg, age 13, NJ

     There are not enough words to describe how I would feel if I were to wake up and find out Moshiach is here. I would feel many emotions and have many questions; questions I have always had, which I never received definite answers to. 
     My first emotions would be that I would stunned and surprised to find Moshiach is here. Although we ask and beg Hashem for Moshiach every day, unfortunately I do not wake up expecting him to be here. In addition to those feeings, I would be happy, delighted, and pleasantly surprised. After all those years, I would be able to go to Eretz Yisrael- the holy land for us Jews, and see the Beis Hamikdash, with the Kohanim doing the Avoda. I would hear the beautiful shirim- songs of the Leviim. All of Klal Yisrael would be together, helping each other, and serving Hashem, I would also feel relieved. The war will be over and we will have peace. No more disputes over boundaries of kevarim- graves. It will all be definite and it will all be ours.
     When I first hear that Moshiach is here, I will think, What next? What should I be doing now? I believe those questions will be answered very quickly, most likely by a trip to Eretz Yisrael. But how will we get there? By plane, ship, or eagle's wings? Or will we just be there before we can think? Once I receive those questions' answers, I will have many more! What will we do when we get to Eretz Yisrael? Where will we live? What will my parents do for a living? Will we have a farm? Will my father be able to learn all day? Where will my brother, sister, and I go to school? Will there still be ill and disabled people or will that go away, just as they did at Matan Torah- the receiving of the Torah? Will there be Techiyat Hamaitim- will the dead come alive again? What will life be like? I do not know, but when the time comes, I am sure we will receive the answers, Bimhaira Biyamainu- soon in our days.


Poetry Winners

A New Era Begins
by Talya Wasserman, age 14 from MA

The Shofar is blown,
Spreading its message to all,
“Moshiach is here!”
Is the joyful, happy call.

The world is full of peace,
There is no more war,
Nations do not lift swords
Against each other anymore.

Kibbutz Galiyos,
The Jews are united,
From four corners we gather,
To Israel we come, excited.

Techiyas Hameisim,
Past generations arise:
The Tzaddikim of Tanach
And Chachamim who are wise.

The Beis Hamikdash rebuilt,
Quite gloriously.
Korbanos are again brought,
Very joyously. 

The Kohanim serve Hashem,
Performing the Avodah,
Levi’im create music,
Singing in the Azarah.

With peace, unity, righteousness,
We renew and rebuild;
A new era begins,
Since the Nevuos are fulfilled.

* * * * * *

When Moshiach Will Come 
by Chayale Fellig, age 10 from FL

When Moshiach will come
It will be fun
We won’t need money
It will be sunny
Everyone who is dead
Will be alive instead
We will have a meal with every Jew
I’m talking about you and you
Candy will grow on every tree
If you don’t believe me you will see
There will be no bad people in this land
We will live very grand
We will see Avrahom, Yitzchok and Yakov 
and everyone else too
You will see, it’s true
We will never be bad
We will never be sad
The Bais Hamikdash will be back
And there’s no one to attack
We won’t have to learn English ever again
We will understand Hashem
We will know all the secrets we never knew
We will know were all the hidden things are too
Moshiach will be sitting on a thrown
His greatness will be shown
We will be together as one
We might even get to taste mun
Do mitzvahs every day
And Moshiach will come right away!

* * * * * *

Check out the other entires we received!

Moshiach is Here!
Chani Schreiber, age 14

Awaken, my friend!
Awaken and see.
How the galus ends,
How our enemies flee!

To Jerusalem we’ll rush,
With korbanos to bring.
We’ll build the bais hamikdash,
And greet our holy king.

Our life will be new,
So holy, so pure.
The old life is through,
No more fear, no more war.

All this shall depend,
On every one of our deeds.
Are we honest with our friends?
Or do we try to mislead?

If we are loving and kind to one another,
Nations will hold us in high esteem.
Our standards of compassion- brother to brother,
Will ensure that peace and tranquility reign supreme!

* * * * * *

"What would it be like if you woke up 
and Moshiach was here?"

Hindy Golomb, age 13

The shofar sounded
I was so excited
Moshiach had come
My lifelong dream just begun.

I jumped out of bed to begin my day,
Thank you Hashem for sending Moshiach my way.
All those Mitsvos had been put together
To build the Beis Hamikdosh forever and ever.

I rushed downstairs and started my day
With songs of Hallel,
Thank you Hashem for this beautiful day.
I hugged my mother, my sister and brother
“Moshiach is here,” we shouted to one another.

I rushed outside, “a miracle” I cried.
The roads all around,
Were like Erets Yisrael’s holy ground
Was that the kosel? I thought
As my family and I walked
Yes surely it is but connected to it the other 3 walls of the
Beis Hamikdosh the third-the one that won’t fall

And from all the corners of the earth
Streamed Yidden with one purpose,
To greet Moshiach our special leader,
Straight from Hashem our great feeder.

Right up in front, oh what a surprise,
Appeared Yaakov Avinu with his sons at his side.
And just behind him of course were the,
Other two Avos and their wives our mothers.

Then came Moshe, Aharon and Miriam their sister,
And all of the others in the generations after her.
The Yidden who had been stuck in Mitsrayim
Along with the Aruv Ravi’im

There is Yehoshua and the other prophets
And more people I have heard of from in the Torahs pockets

Then came the ones expelled from Spain,
I’m glad those goyim are gone, they were such pains,
To all the Yidden in the whole world
But now we will live in peace like Hashems children should

And now am I seeing right? Coming right up
My relatives who had become stuck
In the concentration camps of yesteryear
And how they had lived with such fear
And now they thank Hashem as well
For bringing together klal Yisroel

All together now like sisters and brothers
We travelled together to meet the others
And there right by the flaming Beis hamikdosh
Stood our leader with the levi’im to wash
Our feet from walking with our generations of past.

And then with a lot of joy in all our hearts,
Aaron Hakohen lit the Menorah
As Hashems glory stretched to the stars!

* * * * * *

Moshiach Poem 
Malka Russell, age 11
I  woke up one morning - one morning at dawn
to hear the shofar blowing.

To see the lion rest with the fawn, Hashem’s
Shechina is ever-knowing.

World peace and serenity forever will be,
my family of ancestors and holy Gedolim I see.

Chocolates and marshmallows growing on trees,
where everything is so sweet.

Suffering and disease are gone forever,
boy is this a treat!

Rebuilding the third Beit Hamikdash
with all the proper tools and care.

Even when Moshiach comes
everyone will share.

Let’s get ready, let’s get started,
doing mitzvos so small and  large. 

So, everyone will know it’s Hashem, our Father in Heaven,
for He’s truly in charge.

* * * * * *

Moshiach Poem
Rivka Rumshiskaya, age 13

I was always a dreamer
Or so I was told
But I could not help it
When before me –Behold!

I suddenly found myself
Standing behind
A great lot of people
Of many-a-kind

Some were laughing
Some were screaming
But all were beaming
With delight

It did not take long
For me to find out
That it was Moshiach
That had brought this about.

Moshiach had come. At last he had!
I jumped about like all the rest
We were so glad!
The Bayit HaShlishi would finally be built!


We all prepared the various parts.
We carried stones and bricks,
Sewed the coverings,
And cut the sticks.

Finally the work was done,
The Korbanot ready to be brought
And as I stood there,
I had a little thought.
Was I a dreamer
Or was this true
Forever more?

I did not have to long to wait
Because it was clear
To all who were there
That this was true and real.


* * * * * *

Infinite Light
Leah Garcia, age 13

I open my eyes
What do I see
Everything's white
White's surrounding me

The greatest feeling in the world
Entered me
Nothing bad would happen
And I had yet to see

I parted my curtains
And there sun is bright outside
Everything is pure
The pureness is wide

I don't know if there's a limit
For how great this day will be
I still had no idea
I still had yet to see

And then at last
I saw it so bright
There was the most wonderful sight
There was infinite light

The day was the best day
That I'd ever had
The day was so pure
Nothing could make me mad

And thankfully the rest of the days
Like this would reappear
There is infinite joy
Mashiach is here!


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An audio interview with Leah Larson on the Book of Life Podcast.

17 Sep 2006    Interview with Leah Larson

An interview with Leah Larson about publishing YALDAH for another girls website.

18 Aug 2006   Five Minute Focus on...LEAH LARSON

Short interview with Leah Larson for the London Jewish Tribune.

1 Jun 2006Another Editor Speaks: Leah Larson of YALDAH Magazine

An interview with Leah Larson as a profile on an editor, for writers who write for kids magazines.

7 Apr 2006Spotlight on Leah Larson

An interview with Leah Larson for a site promoting healthy girls.

21 Jan 2006    Radio Interview with Leah Larson

An Radio interview with Leah Larson for Bnai Brith's 'Studio J'. Listen to the audio or read the text transcript.

13 Jan 2006    Russian Interview with Leah Larson

An interview with Leah Larson for a Jewish Russian kids magazine.

1 Jan 2006 Kid Power: Leah Larson, Editor in Chief

A 'Kid Power' profile on Leah Larson for BabagaNewz Magazine.

1 Jan 2006 Video Interview with Leah Larson

A video interview with Leah Larson to go along with the Babaganewz magazine article.

10 Dec 2005    A Magazine for Jewish Girls, by Jewish Girls

An article written by Leah Larson for Nshei Chabad Newsletter on the process and experience of publishing a magazine.

10 Nov 2005  Microsoft Start Something Amazing Awards

Leah Larson won an honorable mention in Microsoft's Start Something Amazing Awards.

1 Nov 2005  Teen 'Zine Queen

An article Leah Larson wrote for New Moon Magazine about how she started YALDAH, encouraging girls to follow their dreams.

1 Oct 2005   Sharon girl publishes magazine

An article about YALDAH in a newspaper publshed by kids, the Walpole Gazette.

16 Sep 2005   Readers can't get enough of Yaldah

An article in Leah Larson's hometown newspaper, the Sharon Advocate, about YALDAH.

1 Sep 2005  American Girl Magazine

A letter from Leah Larson published in American Girl Magazine for their "True Story" feature.

1 Jun 2005   You Go, Girl! Where to Find the Basics on Babysitting and Fun Tzedaka Projects

A blurb written about YALDAH for Hadassah Magazine.

9 May 2005  Meet the 14-year-old Editor of Yaldah

A short article about YALDAH for JVibe.com, a website for Jewish teens.

3 Apr 2005  Radio Interview with Leah Larson

Leah Larson was interviewed on AWAKE, ALIVE & JEWISH on WFED AM1050 & federalnewsradio.com.

23 Mar 2005  Teenager Produces Magazine for Jewish Girls

An JTA focus story on YALDAH magazine, reprinted in Jewish newspapers all over the world.

5 Dec 2004   YALDAH on TV!

Screenshots from when Channel 7 (Boston) interviewed Leah Larson for it's Jewish Perspectives segment.

5 Dec 2004   Making a magazine of her own

An article about YALDAH shortly after the first issue came out, in the Boston Sunday Globe.

10 Sep 2004  This American girl is totally Yaldah

The debut article about YALDAH, when it was only in the late planning stages, for the Boston Jewish Advocate.